A & M Civil is trusted to deliver on time and on budget. With all our own equipment, we can better plan and protect against delays.

Our specialist expertise

  • Agile to meet changing project needs.
    With complex jobs and changing priorities, we are just the right sized business to move quickly to supply the right equipment for when the project needs it.
  • Better protection and safety.
    We don’t take short cuts on safety, applying stricter safety procedures than most. This includes meeting the fit test accreditation for concrete dust masks.
  • Project management achieves on time delivery.
    Over 45 years, we have become very efficient. We have our processes down pat. Our methodical approach and the latest in client-integrated project management software ensures we can plan and stage our works to deliver on time and on budget.

What we can do for you: All of it

  • Footpaths
  • Causeways / Colvert
  • Drainage

Our Projects

Our Plant and Equipment

We are a trusted Local Buy and TMR pre-qualified civil contractor, specialising in serving the regional council areas of the Summerset region, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and Ipswich.

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